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Hello, we are Tech Bean Solutions, welcome!

We are based in Stafford, Staffordshire and have all the skills and experience to help solve your technical problems, lets us know what issues you have, and we will propose a solution that will work for you. We can help in many ways from website design/development, moving your business to the cloud, mobile app development and or a bespoke system.

When we deliver your perfect solution, we don’t want the relationship to end there, we would like to stay in touch. Whether you need support for your previous project or would like a completely new project, we are here for you.

Tick box Are you missing out on potential sales because your website isn’t fully optimised, or you don’t have a website?

Tick box Are you constantly losing files because your computer crashed?

Tick box Are you struggling to make your business digital?

Tick box Do you require a mobile app for your business or latest project?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these then get in touch for a FREE quote and we can discuss your requirements.

We can help you with

Moving Your Business to The Cloud

We can help your business migrate to the cloud, this gives massive advantages and costs savings. See below for our top picks why moving to the cloud is your next right decision:

Cloud with a ticket insideFlexibility

Cloud with a ticket insideRobust disaster recovery

Cloud with a ticket insideSave money on hardware

Cloud with a ticket insideEnhanced security

Cloud with a ticket insideEmployee engagement & collaboration

Get in touch and see how we can transform your business and save you money.

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Website Design and Development

Whether you have an existing website or require a new one for your business or project, we have a tailored website solution for you!

No project is too small or large for our team, whether it’s a magnificent eCommerce store or a simple portfolio web site, we have an eye for detail and perfection. Importantly all of our websites are built from the ground up with accessibility and security in for forefront. All of the websites we create are fully responsive. This means your website will look fabulous on a mobile phone to a large TV! We don’t stop there we also make sure your website is fully optimised, so that your website has a better ranking within the search engine results. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Our guide is you, so we will be regularly keeping you up to date with demonstrations and giving you a chance to feedback changes you require.

We not only design remarkable websites but also offer web hosting, custom email addresses, domains, and much more at great prices. Don’t delay get your quote today!

SEO Optimisation

There is more to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) than getting the technical aspects right, it’s also about having the right content. High quality, relevant information greatly increased your chances of climbing up the search engine rankings for your product or service.

There are also many other aspects to SEO, your website has to be technically sound to give you the best chance of your website ranking higher than your competitor. Google in particular has a complex algorithm that takes into account a website's mobile-friendliness, quality, site links, and page loading index. All this has to rank highly for your website to be included in the top results.

Contact us today for your FREE website audit, we can highlight issues that we can help you to fix.

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Mobile App Development

Our app development uses the latest technology and best user interface practices to produce an app that will stand out from your competitors. All apps produced by us will work on both Android and Apple iOS, so that means you’re paying for one app not multiple.

We design apps with brilliance and reliability in mind using the very best technology available, security is important to us, so the highest standards are used from the ground up. In an ever-changing digital world, it’s never been a better time to get an app for your business or project.

Bespoke Systems

Our agile approach to working combined with the use of express application development tools allows us to develop, test & deliver bespoke software much faster than the competition.

We build systems around your business from the ground up, creating the perfect bespoke system for you. This saves time and most importantly money and will allow you to get on with what you do best.

We can build systems for a variety of use cases:

Cloud with a ticket insideOptimise business processes, we can ensure your workflow is optimised which will free up staff resources to get on with other tasks.

Cloud with a ticket insideCreate self-serve portals, we can connect to your back-office systems and return real-time data to where it's required and take the hassle out of manual work.

Cloud with a ticket insideGoing paperless as never been so easy, we can look at your processes and change these to be faster digital ones. We can automate workflow, validating input, and using our smart software that integrates seamlessly.

Cloud with a ticket insideAll software delivered will have full user access, built-in security, and auditing so you know what was done, why, when, and by whom.

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